Sharing Build Pictures on Facebook

Schwartz Inc. has been shooting projects out of his one-man shop faster than… well, he’s pretty fast. About the only thing better than a fast shop is a fast shop that’s ten minutes away from our shop! Grant regularly stops in to pick up parts… he knows the catalog pretty well by now and utilizes many gussets and tabs as alternatives to cutting them out by hand.

I’ve gone through his Facebook page and tagged Welder Series in pictures where our parts are used. Currently there are 99 pictures tagged and as more projects are completed, I’m sure that number will grow.

Check them out! I hope they give you some ideas for your own project. If you see our parts being used in a picture on Facebook, please go ahead and tag us – it’s like a pictorial Dear Welder Series.

Schwartz Inc. on Facebook

Welder Series Inc. on Facebook

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