Ready to weld vs. welded parts

How Much Can I Save?

You’re looking to save a few dollars on your build, just like everyone else. But really, in how many places can you possibly cut corners until all you’re left with is a circle? You want quality parts that look professional.

Welder Series was started to help you keep some money in your pocket and still end up with high quality, professional chassis parts. Here is a little comparison between buying parts for your project in ready to weld form (we supply the parts, you stick them together, then stick them on your frame), and welded (we weld them together and you stick them on your frame). Keep in mind that the vast majority or our product line requires welding to your frame anyways, so why not save some money while the welder’s warm? If you decide you want us to weld your parts, that’s fine! We’ll (I’ll) make sure that I’d be tickled to install every welded part going out the door on my own car.

ItemReady To Weld PriceWelded PriceDifference
56" Mustang II Kit$223.70$275.00$51.30
Parallel Four Link Kit, Big Bushings$340.00$390.00$50.00
Universal Panhard Kit$93.00$115.00$22.00
Booster/Pedal Bracket$91.65$113.00$21.35
4.6L Motor Mount Kit$130.00$169.00$39.00
Mustang II Brake Kit, for GM Rotors$90.00$105.00$15.00
So, a selection of parts for one frame build could save you just over $195. Some of you might say “I’d rather them weld it for $195…” but some might say “cool… sounds like fun!” Someone else might say “Did you know they filmed an adult giant squid for the first time in 2006?”

Whether you weld it or we (I) weld it, we’re sure you’ll be glad you ordered from Welder Series!

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