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When we ran a full service chassis fab/turn-key hot rod shop a number of years ago, it was always useful to have threaded things around to weld into the frame for some kind of mount, etc.

Here’s a list of all our threaded things for your reference:

Parallel Rear Four Link Kit, 2x4 Frame Brackets

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Product Details
Brand: Welder Series
MPN: 222501
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Thickness: 3/16" and 10 ga
Bolt Size: 1/2"
Thread: 3/4-16 RH
Length: Bar C-C ~25"
Tubing Size: 1"

This kit has proven to be adaptable to many frames. The bars mount beside the frame rail (inside the frame or outside). Rear axle brackets have 3 mounting holes for the coil-overs. Bars are about 25” c-c. (4 bars are included in the kit. Custom lengths are available). Axle brackets are 3/16" mild steel.

The 2x4 frame brackets are made of 6" long 2x4 frame 'stumps' and 3/16" brackets to accept the bars. One plate is designed to also cap the end of the stump. See pictures. Also includes a boxing plate for the frame end of the stump if part of the tube needs to mount below the rail.

Please see related products for an adjustable ride height setup tool that can be used in place of your coilovers while you build the car. You can keep your coilovers in perfect condition and make sure you have room for things like exhaust and the driveshaft through suspension travel.

Available with axle brackets for 3-1/4" and 2-13/16" tubes. If you have 2-5/8" OD axle bracket tubes, we will supply two pieces of DOM 3" OD x 3/16" wall tubing, 6" long, cut in half lengthwise. These will increase the OD to 3". You can weld these to the axle tubes, then weld the standard 3" axle tubes on.

1-3/4″ wide, 1-5/8″ OD urethane bushings
3/4-16 threaded adjusters

The brackets are matched to the OD of the bushing for a clean appearance. Brackets and bars are artfully TIG welded if you select the welded kit.

Parts Included: Frame brackets (including gussets and boxing plate), axle brackets, bars, hardware, Energy Suspension made in the USA bushings, adjusters, and instructions.

Shipping Info: Ships for $57-$64 (10% of the order total + $10, min $15 max $75) via UPS, with tracking information sent to your email.

Instructions: Please click here to see a PDF of the instructions for this kit.
Power Train Setup Guide (Inland Empire Driveline)

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What's the difference between welded and ready-to-weld? In the welded kit, anything that can be welded by us is welded. The frame brackets, bars, adjusters, and the coil over support block inside the axle brackets are all welded. The ready-to-weld kit has nothing welded. Some people find this an advantage because they can save some money and have the option of tweaking the angle that the bar brackets are welded to the front frame bracket.

This is a video shot by a customer of our formed frame bracket kit (check out his thoroughly YouTube documented build)

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