Get It Welded!

It seems that there is still a bit of confusion in the hot rod public. Everybody loves the Welder Series idea; buy the kit and weld it yourself, saving money and having fun. There’s another side to our existence though. Yes… another dimension. Deep in the shop, where the clock runs backwards and the crickets sneeze, there sits a man at a steel bench with 1500 psi of Argon as his only companion. This man sits alone for hours at a time, contemplating contemplations and contemporary contentions… and what to write in the next newsletter. He’s been welding Welder Series parts for almost half his life so far, and if you added up the length of all the tig filler rod he’s used, it would stretch from Tornichkeman to Benhaddimael. Some folk say Welder Series welded parts are some of the most beautiful available. All I have to say to them is… thank you.

Here’s how to go about purchasing some of the finest welded hot rod parts around:

If there’s a “welded” option in the drop down menu under the price of the kit, it’s available welded.

Ready to try it?  Click here, it’s fun!

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