Dear Welder Series… Mustang II A Arm Question

Dear Welder Series…

I purchased a Mustang 2 front end for coil overs.. I have tubular front a frames, but the bottom looks a lot bigger than the width of the lower a frame mount. I think its 7 1/2″.

I can’t see anything in the photo that shows how to make up the difference .. can you help? thanks

Dear Brian…
Brian, lower A-arms usually are supplied with a tube spacer that goes inside the crossmember to keep the crossmember plates from collapsing, and a spacer that welds to the rear side of the crossmember to make up that extra distance you refer to. A gusset supports the tube out the rear.

Welder Series has 1″ diameter tubes that are 5/8″ inside and are 3-3/8″ long.


Here are the gussets.

A washer goes on each side of the a-arm bushing. There should also be 1 at the front of the front bushing. I’d suggest a couple of extras just in case your spacing is slightly larger.

You probably need 4 pcs #21306,

2 pcs (or 4 – some builders like to use 2 on each side) #108111 (see above) and 4 (maybe 6 or even 8 pcs) #WSAE62 washer.

I hope this helps with this part of your project.

Paul Horton

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