Dear Welder Series… Triangulated four link upper bar angle?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi Paul I am in the middle of installing one of your triangulated four links. How much angle do I need on the upper part. (angle from frame rail to rear housing if looking from top). If I have to shorten the upper bars what would you suggest the min. length be? Thanks

Dear Derek…
Derek, the upper bar frame bracket is designed to mount the bar at 27 degrees off of the frame. It might be hard to reduce this angle very much and still put a wrench on the nut, if the nut will even go on. Another option might be to mount the axle end of the upper bars just inside the frame rails and angle them towards the frame centerline. Then add a new crossmember and mount the frame brackets to it. This way the bars can stay at their original length. As the bars get shorter, the pinion angle changes more dramatically as the suspension works. I hope this helps.


  1. Harry Bedarf says:

    Hi Paul , if I were to shorten the length of the lower bars of your triangulated 4-link , what must I do for the upper triangulated bars and will it work .
    thanks Harry .

    • DW says:

      We find there is a lot of tolerance in the triangulated system, Harry. If you need to shorten the lower bars by a few inches, the uppers will be fine as they are.

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