Dear Welder Series… rear axle bracket for factory spring perch?

Dear Welder Series…
I am looking at your triangulated four bar combination 4-link and lower coil-over mounts but I really want to have the three inch tube axle mount cut strait at 90 degrees from the shock mount so I can mount a flat plate to the top and U bolt it to a 1968 Camaro factory spring perch. Just like the kit from chassis works g bar kits.
Can you flatten the top of your mounts for about the same price as your normal mounts or should I just cut them myself I would like the precision of laser cutting but I can get it done if that’s the best way.

Thanks a lot

Dear Tim…
I understand what you want, Tim. If you get the standard bracket, you will be
able to decide exactly where it should be cut. Lay out the cut lines and use
a band saw or hack saw and grind or file to the line.

If you give us the distance from the center of the lower bar hole to the cut
line, we could lay it out and band saw it for you. $20 should get both
brackets done.

This is creative thinking and we like to hear about it. Thanks for looking at
Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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