Dear Welder Series… Mustang II in a ’65 F100?

Dear Welder Series…
Not sure if this is where you send in a question for “Dear Welder Series”, but I’ll ask anyways.
I have a 65 ford F-100.  I’d like to change out the front suspension to, of course, MII.  The problem is that I have a Twin I-Beam set up with no control arms….if I were to get your MII crossmember, how would I know what control arms, spindles, brake set-up, what size coilovers to get?  I’m just starting the research and I’m a little confused.  Can you lead me in the direction here.


Dear Drew…
Glad you wrote, Drew.  This is exactly the kind of question we deal with at DWS.

Your truck would use our 60″ Mustang II kit, Drew. Other front end parts can be used from a “dead” Mustang II (1974-78) or 1974 – 80 Pinto.  The hot rod aftermarket has everything brand new, too. Just get parts for 1974-78 Mustang II and you’ll have the right things. The 1979-92 T-Bird power rack is a good choice if you plan on power steering. Stock or dropped spindles can be used with our kit.

Welder Series has a disc brake kit,

Coil-overs with a ride height of 12 – 13″ will be good for the MII coil-over kit.

I hope this helps. You will likely have more questions as your research continues. Please ask us. We want to help you have fun with this project.


  1. javier says:

    dear welder series
    its posible use the ford cortina spindles in a mustang 2 frontend suspension

    thanks javier from argentina

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