Dear Welder Series… Mustang II for a ’64 Volvo?

Dear Welder Series…
I’m looking to do a 56″ wide MII on a ’64 Volvo PV 544. The frame stubs are somewhat hat shaped like a 40’s Chevy. The main rails are  21-3/4″ inside above the hat and are 2-7/8″ wide.

The hat is 20-1/8″ inside and 29-1/8″ outside.

At desired ride height the bottom of the hat is 14-1/4″ above the ground. The lower a-arm pivot is at 8-5/8″ above the ground and the spindle centerline is 11-1/2″ above the ground.

I haven’t found any diagrams that give the same sort of info for a MII. Is your standard kit any where near being able to fit in the confines of the Volvo frame rails. I’m a competent fabricator so I can change the rail tops as may be required. The car will be getting 10″ rear tires and widened fenders so an increased track width in the front can be accommodated by fender mods there too.

Thanks for any info you can supply along with a price including shipping.


Dear Charlie…
Thanks for this note, Charlie.

Here is some dimensional info about our MII crossmember:
The 56″ crossmember is 30″ wide outside the “wings” on each end. The crossmember can weld to the bottom and the outside of the frame rail, when this is practical. The top of the crossmember is 3″ higher than spindle c/l.  The bottom of your frame will pretty much be sitting on top of the crossmember “wings”. At the top of the wings, the dimension from inside corner to corner is just over 25″.

The spring towers will not work easily with this frame configuration, because the upper arm cross shaft will be lower than the top of the
frame rail and the cross shafts will be on 29-1/2″ centers (approx). The frame o.d. is too wide for the arms.

It might be easier to make new frame rails from the firewall forward, or at least in the crossmember/spring tower area.  The WS14340 kit can be notched so the frame will sit at the ride height you want.  Could you design the frame section so the bottom of the frame is about spindle
height and the frame O.D. is about 30″? I hope this helps.  If there are other dimensions you need, please get in touch.

Paul Horton.

Thanks Paul,

Doing some measuring today I realize that I’ll have to modify the upper portion of my frame. That’s really not a problem I think. The good part is that it looks like I can add a flange to each side of the MII crossmember to facilitate bolting the crossmember in place while determining ride height.

I will order a WS14340 kit in the next day or so. I appreciated your help – very clear.


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