Dear Welder Series… Mustang II for 1947 Chevy 3800?

Dear Welder Series…
I am looking for a mustang 2 front crossmember that I can weld my self. I see you have one for a model A but I need one for a 47 Chevy 3800. Is it the same one or do you offer a different one for different vehicles?

Dear Derek…
The 3800 truck is the 1 ton version, as I’m sure you know. I believe, but don’t know for sure, that the frame is the same width as the 1/2 ton truck. If this is true, the 56″ kits are the right width. Check out the links below for assembly and installation info.

For mustang II crossmember kit (WS14340)

For mustang II coil-over crossmember kit (WS21906)

The videos will help you see what is involved in putting the kit in your frame.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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