Dear Welder Series… MII brake kit

Dear Welder Series…
These plates 21362 for adapting Camaro rotors… what size and year rotors are intended to mount up? Is the spindle nut 21364-2 the proper spindle nut for a mustang ii setup and these brake calipers ?

Thank you


Dear Yogi…
These plates are used in our (WS)2136 brake kit, Yogi. Click the part below for info about the rotors and calipers used. (The rotors are 82-87 Camaro or equivalent.)

The spindle nut kit, 21364-2, is used when the Camaro rotors are put on ’74-78 MII spindles. These nuts are slightly thinner than the stock Ford nut. This lets you install the cotter pin in the spindle.

The plates and the spindle nuts are included in the brake kit. The plates and the nuts alone will not give you everything required to do the brake swap.

Thanks for asking.

Paul Horton

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