Dear Welder Series… front panhard suggestion?

Dear Welder Series…
Here is my front end set-up pics. I would like to mount a pan hard bar? I’m open for suggestions. I also need help mounting upper shock mounts.

Dear Mike…
This might be a good application for a dead perch. See this link. I’m not a fan of dead perches unless the spring is very close to flat, but I don’t see other options from the pictures.

For shock mounts, you might check out the 21841 bracket that’s designed to weld to a 3″ diameter tube. The centre of the upper shock mount bolt would be about 3″ higher than the top of the tube crossmember. Probably your upper shock mount bolt is 7/16″ diameter. We could supply a piece of 3/4″ diameter tubing (7/16″ ID) for you to cut to length and weld in place of the 1080 tube that normally would be used with this bracket.


The other shock mount suggestion would be to use 2 plates for each shock mount, 20493. Put a spacer between the plates and another spacer forward to the shock eye. Probably the brackets should be boxed for strength.


I hope this helps.

Paul Horton

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