Dear Welder Series… four link options

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 1973 dodge D100 pick up that I’ve been building for a road and strip truck. I was wondering which kit i need to take this project to the next level. I have a built 318 with a MP235 5speed transmission. The rear end is an 8.75 locker with 355 gears. This truck runs great now, but the rear end gets a lot of hop and the body roll is terrible! I didn’t want to tie up your phone line with a lot of questions rite now. I am planning to tear into this after Christmas and plan to order rear 4 link in a couple of days. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You,

Dear Kevin…
Kevin, the parallel and the triangulated 4-link are good street systems, but not good drag strip suspensions. They don’t provide any leverage to transfer weight to the rear tires. They probably would eliminate the wheel hop, though. Our Pro/Street rear 4-link would let you run the bars parallel for the street and adjust them to give more traction at the drag strip. The bars are shorter than the parallel kit, so the ride won’t be as good. Some builders use our urethane bushings on the street and switch to spherical rod ends (“Heims”) for the track. The spherical rod ends are narrower than the urethane bushed ends, so you will need spacers to make up the difference.


Our rear sway bar kit would help with the body roll issue.


Thanks for considering Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton

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