Dear Welder Series… Can I reuse my frame rails?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi Paul, Greg here in Halifax. I’m sorry to bother you but I think I need your expert advice. I have this 34 Plymouth here that a friend of mine bought, I told him to stay away but he didn’t. I have the car here and today took it apart. Everything is a mess, I knew there was a mustang front on it cut off a junkyard pinto or mustang, and that the crossmember had been widened. My plan or at least I hoped to cut it all off and re-use the frame rails to install everything new. My question I guess is, after getting this apart today, how in the world would a fella ever know if re-using the frame rails is smart or not? I have no idea of where anything should measure or what it should measure cause I didn’t do it the first time. The wheelbase is about 113 1/4″ on one side and 113 1/2″ on the other, supposed to be 114″. I don’t know if this is smart or just cut it all off and make a new stub to attach the new crossmember to?? I put a square this morning on the front wheels, the pass side tire is all worn cupped, the square would touch the bottom of the tire but not the top, the dr side, the square would touch the top of the tire but not the bottom. When you stand in front of the frame and look at the rotors, the pass side is facing forward, the dr side is toed out, what a friggin mess. I don’t know know what to do but I have a mess on my hands. If you had any insight or advice, I’d sure appreciate it.

Dear Greg…
Hey there, Greg. You sure know how to have fun! I’d try to use the rails that are there. See if you can establish a frame center-line running from the rear through the center of the x-member to the front. See if the rails are the same distance from the c/l on both sides. If yes, good. If no, you can try to get them in line (best idea) or work around it by installing the MII based on frame c/l.

We did not work to stock wheelbase dimension when building a whole car. We mocked up the body, fenders, running boards, hood, etc., and positioned the tires where they looked best in the fender opening. This way the car looks right, even if the dimensions are wrong. (People look at the car, but seldom measure the car’s wheelbase.)

While everything is mocked up, you can establish the stance and get some dimensions for installing the MII.

I hope this helps. Keep asking questions, if you feel you want another set of eyes.


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