Dear Welder Series… ’57 Chev Pickup Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 57 Chevy Pickup Truck that I am in the process of redoing. I am skilled at welding and am modifying the factory original frame. I have boxed the frame and added a tubular cross brace/transmission mount.

I would like to convert to IFS front and 4 link in the rear.
From the website I see the 60″ Mustang II (WS21900) is the appropriate size but would like to know if it would be compatible with Shock Waves.

Also which parallel 4 link kit is appropriate for this truck and is it compatible with shock waves?




Dear Brian…
Brian, check out the pictures on the web store for examples of how to install shockwaves on our coil-over kit…


I would use WS222501 for the parallel 4-link and WS2184 for the Panhard. AirRide Technologies aluminum mounts could be used for the ShockWaves or you could make tube spacers, similar to our 23203 but with a longer tube…


Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton

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