Dear Welder Series… ’57 Chev Pickup Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 57 Chevy Pickup Truck that I am in the process of redoing. I am skilled at welding and am modifying the factory original frame. I have boxed the frame and added a tubular cross brace/transmission mount.

I would like to convert to IFS front and 4 link in the rear.
From the website I see the 60″ Mustang II (WS21900) is the appropriate size but would like to know if it would be compatible with Shock Waves.

Also which parallel 4 link kit is appropriate for this truck and is it compatible with shock waves?



Dear Brian…
Brian, here is how Grant Schwartz, a friend of ours, put ShockWaves on our coil-over kit…

I would use WS222501 for the parallel 4-link and WS2184 for the Panhard.  AirRide Technologies aluminum mounts could be used for the ShockWaves or you could make tube spacers, similar to our 23203 but with a longer tube…
Coilover bolt kit

Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton

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