Dear Welder Series… ’50 Thames Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
Good afternoon, have you ever built a Mustang II suspension for a 1950 Thames panel?

Dear Dan…
Dan, I think Grant Schwartz is going to cut a section out of one of our crossmembers to make it fit this Prefect.

We can make custom width Mustang II crossmembers up to  9″ narrower, to give track width of about 46-1/2″ with short control arms.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton



Dear Welder Series…
To do this how much, the Thames will have a big block, send list of what I get for how much money thanks Dan

Dear Dan…
Dan, Welder Series produces a wide range of kits and components for chassis builders. Our Mustang II kits are detailed below. Either of these kits is available in special widths up to 9″ narrower, either in the “ready-to-weld” or welded configuration.

I hope this helps. We have a toll-free phone line, 1-888-648-2150, if you would like to talk with us.


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