Dear Welder Series… 57 Ford Mustang II, rear shock bracket, air ride brackets

Dear Welder Series…
Hello, do you have an IFS for a 57 Ford Wagon?

Dear Writer…
The shop next door is installing our 58″ Mustang II kit in a 57 Ford car.  It is necessary to fabricate a front frame section from the firewall forward.  We are taking pics of the installation and will have them on our site soon.  Thanks for considering Welder Series’ parts, Chris. UPDATE: Here is a link to the front end install:

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
I am interested in using your triangulated 4 link for my truck. Do you have a Air shock option for your kit….Ross

Dear Ross…
Ross, you could use our standard rear kit with lower air bag brackets #21870.  Upper mounts could be #474208.  The lower “coil-over” mount on the axle bracket could be used for the shock mount.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Yes, me again,

I have a stripped ford 8.8 rear end and need to put some shock mounts on the axle. Do you guy make anything that would fit the bill? I looked through your product offerings but didn’t notice any items.

PS…. brake lines going in next week.


Dear Stephen…
Hi, Stephen.

Check out #223501.

Thanks for asking.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Hey, I was looking for a pair of 2″ spring pivot/hangers.

Most that are out there are for front suspension use, and kinda wimpy.

What would a pair of these cost, welded, or not welded?

no bushings, but I do need 2 pair of jam nuts


Dear Ben…
Thanks for asking about our parts, Ben.

Two hangers for 2″ shackles, welded, with 2 pair of jam nuts, would cost $58.00 plus shipping ($15.00).  These would be made for 3/4″ o.d. shackle bushings.  Lead time would be about 3 days out of our shop.

I hope we can help with this part of your project.

Paul Horton

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