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Dear Welder Series… ’35 Dodge Truck MII

Dear Welder Series…
I have a couple of questions about the Mustang 2 cross member kits which you sell. I am starting to work on a 35 dodge truck which was a 1-1/4 ton truck. The front frame from forward the axle back is flat. The fenders mount to the top of the frame rail. I am planning on fabricating a 2X4 steel tube frame which would be similar in dimensions to the stock frame. The fenders will mount to the top of the frame rail.
My first question is what is the min. and max width frame rail spacing the 58” track cross member will work with? My thought is to use the 58” track cross member which would give less fender interference along with a speedway motors A frame kit using the 5/8” narrower A frames. This would put my track width between 56 and 57 inches. My second question is do you think I will encounter any clearance problems with the spring mounts and narrower A frames?
Thanks for your time.

Dear John…
John, the 58″ kit is easiest to put in frame rails that are from 28″ – 32″ outside. The rails have to be at least 28″ wide to weld the upper towers on and if they are wider than 32″, the spring might require frame clearance.

There shouldn’t be any clearance issues using the narrow control arms.

This should be an interesting project. Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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