Dear Welder Series… 1962 Meteor Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 1962 Mercury Meteor I would like to install a Mustang II kit in. I would like to know exactly how to measure the track width. All the parts I have purchased for this project including suspension parts were not listed for the Meteor however the 1962 Fairlane parts fit perfect. I already dropped a 302 in it. The stock suspension…well let’s say she gets a bit out of control with the rapid reduction in fuel economy I like to afford myself. If you know the kit I should use please let me know I’m ready to start this upgrade. The front end and drivetrain is out and the suspension is just waiting for any measurements that are needed… please advise. I would like some adjustability in ride height if that helps.

 Thank you


Dear Gary…
Hi, Gary…  We call track width the distance from wheel mounting surface on the driver’s rotor to the wheel mounting surface of the passenger’s rotor.  Our 56″, 58″, and 60″ track width dimensions are only approximate.  The actual track width will depend on the brake kit used.  Since the front end is out of the car, position the wheels and tires you will use in the wheel opening with the frame blocked at ride height.  The front sheet metal should be on the frame so you get a good idea of tire clearance and how the car will look when finished.  Space the wheels equally off of the frame centerline and with the wheel mounting surface at 56″, then at 58″ and then at 60″ apart.  Decide which looks best.  That’s the kit to order.  There will be frame work to do to weld in the crossmember and upper towers.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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