Vega Steering Box Bracket

Dear Welder Series… 1933/34 Ford Vega Mount Location?

Dear Welder Series…

In your #2072 Installation Tips on Model A and 32 Fords (shown below),
you reference a measurement from the radiator mounting hole for the Vega Steering Box Bracket, do you have a measurement for 33/34 Fords or an article I can reference?

Dear Ron…
There are 3 holes in the frame for the front fender brace.  the (upper) rear hole center is axle centerline.  We put the top hole of the Vega steering bracket 10-1/2″ back from that hole and 1-5/8″ down from the top of the frame rail.

However, it is always a good idea to mock up the front suspension parts with the frame at ride height to be sure the drag link is parallel to the tie rod and at the same height and that the drag link tie rod end doesn’t touch the tie rod.

Thanks for asking.

Paul Horton

Vega Steering Box Bracket


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