Welder Series Bonus Event program

We get a number of requests to support various car shows, cruise nights, cruises, swap meets, etc. While sending a bag full of pens or stickers is one way to “support” these events, I’m not sure it does much for the actual charity or cause that the event actually supports. But… “people like pens”, as the saying goes.

We wanted to approach the situation a bit differently this year, and what we came up with is a way to support the charity/cause that the event is supporting with actual dollars, while still promoting our business.

Basically, if you’re at a Welder Series Bonus Event and order parts within a week of the event, let us know you were there and we’ll send 10% of your order to the charity/cause the event supports. We’ll ship that order for free, too.

Check out the link in the red bar up near the top of the page, or click here for some more info.

Send an email to request that your event have Bonus Event status.  There’s no charge.

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