Photo Sharing

  • We’re randomly giving away one $50 Welder Series gift certificate every month. To enter the draw, send us one or more pictures of Welder Series parts being assembled, installed, or used. Pictures of our parts sitting on your bench don’t count. Here’s an easy to use form: Photo Sharing Form
  • When we receive the picture(s), we’ll add your email address to a list of entries for the current month, as well as the next month. You have two chances to be chosen! For example, if you send pictures in September, you will be entered in the September draw and the October draw, but not the November draw.
  • The “winner” will be chosen by a random number generator at
  • You can’t win two months in a row unless you send another picture/pictures of different Welder Series parts during the next month. For example, if you order motor mounts and a pack of gussets, you can send the motor mount pictures one month and the gusset pictures in a different month.
  • We can use the pictures you send anywhere on our site or in promotional material.
  • Sending more than one picture does not give you multiple entries in the draw.
  • The winner will receive a credit of $50 on their account at Welder Series. No cash value.
  • The draw will take place on the first business day of the following month. For example, the September draw will take place on October 1st (a Friday).
  • The “winner” will be notified via email and in our newsletter.

I think that covers it all… if you have any questions, please send me an email. These rules may change.

Please send all draw entries to (or use the form at


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