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’32 Update: Brake Pedal Pad Bracket (article 50)

Update: the picture links are broken, and I can’t find the originals.

I installed our brake pedal pad bracket and thought I’d show the progress…

Here’s the kit – stainless brackets, stainless hardware, and instructions.

One bracket goes on the outside of the pedal, and the other bracket sandwiches the pedal on the inside.  The masking tape is how far the pedal goes during full travel.  As you can see, I’ll have to trim the leading edge of the pedal.

The two holes in the pedal let you set up the bracket to a comfortable angle for your foot.

The slots in the two brackets line up for your pedal pad to mount to.

Another feature of the slots is to let the pedal pad move up and down, effectively modifying your pedal ratio.