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October 1st, 2005 is the date Welder Series officially established the majority of the prices in our catalog. We were thinking about it just now, and can’t remember too many products with price increases in those nine years. In fact, a good number of prices have actually been lowered as we worked with a new supplier, or were able to buy better. All that said, it’s time to give them a little bump. Our product line will receive a 6% increase on October 1st, 2014. Orders placed until then will be invoiced at pre-price-increase prices.

Our goal is certainly not to have the cheapest parts on the market. We’re not ignorant of the “$150 four link kits” (soon to be “$120 four link kits”) coming from overseas, and have no interest in competing with them on price, because we can’t. My grandpa said “when you live on price, you’ll die on price”. Where we can compete is in providing consistently high quality parts, exceptional service and support, and reasonable prices. That’s the difference between cheap and inexpensive.

Thanks very much for supporting family business as you build your project.
DW, Paul, and Dorothy Horton