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Dear Welder Series… Pinto spindles?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a question  but not sure if i post it here or another way on the site. I am wanting to put pinto spindles on my 70 dodge dart (because i want to put a rack and pinion) and im going to be converting to tubular a arms and a k member. Are all pinto spindles the same and if not what years should i be looking at. Also, are the balljoint tapers the same for mopar and pinto stuff (i heard they were). Ill be putting 73 a body disc brakes on it to get rid of the drum brakes. I love that i found this site. Thank you for any info. If you need me to post another way then just let me know and i will.

Dear Brian…
Good questions, Brian. I can only answer some of them.

There are 2 different Pinto spindles: 1971-73 and 1974-80. (1974-80 pinto and 1974-78 Mustang II are identical.) See  this article to compare. I like the 74 – 78 spindles because they are bigger and are the ones commonly used in Mustang II crossmember kits, including ours. 1971 – 73 are often used on drag race cars, probably because they are lighter. There are big brake kits available for the early spindles, but I’d say you have more big brake choices for the later spindles.

Moog K772 ball joints fit the late spindles, but I don’t know about the early ones. When using the K772 as a lower ball joint on the later spindles, use our K772S spacer and the stock ball joint washer under the nut. Without the spacer and washer, the nut will not draw the tapered ball joint stud into the hole tightly.

I don’t know if adapter kits are available to put the 73 A-body brakes on the Mustang II spindle.

Thanks for checking out Welder Series parts. I hope we can help with your project.

Paul Horton