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New Testimonials

Over the weekend, I received a few emails from some happy customers, which is always nice!

Regarding our sway bar kit:

Just a note to advise that the Welders Series universal swaybar kit I installed some months back , may well have saved our lives .

We were traveling on Saturday , cty rd 10 , outside of Hanover , coming back to our motel  from the Jamup show , 60 mph , when an unknown vehicle turned  left in front of us    “right now “,,,,, quick reaction hard crank to left ,brakes on hard ,  missed them , then hard crank to the right , missed the oncoming pickup truck ,,,,,, all over in the blink of an eye ,,,, NO QUESTION  that the rear sway-bar kept body roll to a minimum , and allowed us to retain control ,,,,this would have been a major bodily injury , or fatality for Barb or I ,,,,,,,,and on my 75th birthday ,,,,, one can only thank God for his mercy’s ,,,and Horton folks for quality products … jp

And this note regarding a set of Buick “baby” nailhead engine mounts:


Thanks so much for building the engine mounts for my 322 Buick engine. I received them last week, and they look great, the bolts align perfectly. I don’t have them bolted to the engine yet, because it is still in the run stand. (having some cam and lifter problems) When I get it out of the stand and ready to go into the chassis I will take some photos. I hope you can market these to some other folks, they are getting to be popular for rods.


…and this complementary note:

Good Morning!

                I received my order in good condition on Thursday 18 Aug 16. It was opened and inspected today (19 Aug) and I discovered 3 (!) catalogs with a date of 14 Jun 16. 1st reaction was: “Well now! Wonder what’s up with this??”  Reading the information gave the answer; One copy will go in a binder of some sort and the others will go to friends. Thank you.

                I placed an order for a couple small pieces that looked good to finish an engine swap in my IHC S-120 4×4 pickup: I needed to adapt a Speedway 8” drop engine swap crossmember for use as a transmission mount  instead. The tranny mount and the reinforcement tabs I received look like they will be more than adequate for this. I’ll know more by Wednesday 24 Aug 16; if I have issues, I’ll let you know.  

                I appreciate that you have the various pieces of your kits pictured within the catalog. One of the issues with the above mentioned pickup, is that the power steering that was added by a previous owner can’t be added easily to the Chevy 250-6 (that’s going in) without a rather expensive aftermarket  NOS bracket, and then I’d need to tweak that to suit. The PO made a pretty good bracket to mount the steering pump to the right side of the original IHC engine, and to move it to the other side of the Chevy engine with the NOS bracket would involve considerable work.  Having the kit bits pictured in very nearly actual size has made it possible to match several of the frame bracket bits to the available accessory mounts on the front right of the Chevy engine.   I hadn’t expected the boon of having pictures to match to the necessary accessory bolt holes, but I thank you for the forethought to include pictures in your catalog!!  Treat others as you would like to be treated, indeed!

                My guess is, at some point one of you said, probably in passing, “It sure would’ve been nice to have a picture of this piece before I bought it! Now I have to either eat this or send it back! Man! What a hassle!” And one thing led to another…

                 I thank you very much indeed for the pieces I have; more are likely to be ordered as I find things, that need your kit bits to fix, on the old Binder.


Thanks very much for taking the time to write. We’ve always had great customers, and will continue to look after you as we would like to be looked after.