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Custom Multi-Angle Adjusters

We recently had a visit from a Welder Series regular, Grant Schwartz of Schwartz Welding (click here for his Facebook page). You’ve probably heard me talk about Grant before- he knows our product line almost as well as I do and he makes very good use of it!

This time, Grant was hunting for a way to create a multi angle adjuster that was cost-effective, strong, and not as long as his previous version (which utilized a clevis).

Here is what he came up with, along with the parts he used.

Click on the pictures to go to that item in our web store.

Adjuster stud.
Flatten the notch, or cut off the large diameter portion of the stud.

Clamp bar for front spring perch kit.
This piece is good for two adjusters. Cut next to each hole and weld to the end of the adjuster stud. Drill holes to 7/16″.

Multi angle adjuster tab.

Urethane bushing outer sleeve

Urethane bushing kit (includes two bushing halves and an inner sleeve)

So, what’s the bottom line? Adding the pieces up, including the urethane bushings, two multi-angle adjusters would cost $64.50. I calculated the price for two because you can’t buy half of #21273 (the part that welds to the adjuster stud). You’ll also need a couple bolts and nuts. Clicking on the pictures will take you to that item on our web store. We keep these pieces in stock. What would you use a multi-angle adjuster for? Diagonal locators, control arms… anything where changing the length of the bar would also change the angle of the adjuster.

Thanks for the pictures, Grant!