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Dear Welder Series… what comes in the 8.8 four link kit?

Dear Welder Series…
I am interested in buying this product, but I am unsure if it contains everything I need, can you give me a parts list for this kit? That would be wonderful.

I am using a 67 chevelle rearend with the stock triangulate four link setup, and I am just trying to make sure I can use the existing top mounts.
Thanks for your help!

Dear Alexander…
The parts in this kit are:
Frame brackets for the upper and lower bars.
Lower bars with one end adjustable. The other end has a sleeve for the urethane bushing.
Upper bars with one end adjustable. The other (axle) end has a bracket that wraps around the stock GM bushing on the axle differential casting. This bracket must be welded to the bar after the bar has been cut to length. It might be necessary to drill this bracket to the correct bolt size.
Axle brackets for the lower bars. The brackets have holes to mount coil-overs or shocks.
Urethane bushings and hardware. Bolts and nuts for the axle end of the upper bar are not included. (The stock GM bolt & nut can be used.)
Installation instructions.
The kit is available in component pieces that you would weld together or with all welding done that can be done by our shop.
Thanks for asking. I hope we can help with your project.
Paul Horton

New Product: Ford 8.8 Rear Four Link

We’ve just designed a bracket to be used with the upper bushing on a stock Ford 8.8 rear end.

The triangulated design eliminates the Panhard bar, and the 8.8 rear end has been a common hot rod rear axle for a long time. This kit uses the 1-3/4″ wide bushings and 3/4-16 adjusters.

Available ready to weld and welded, except for the upper axle mounts. Check out our web store for more info.