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Dear Welder Series… Model A Mustang II spring rate?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi, I just finished putting on my new Welder Series crossmember on my 1930 model A. Every thing went smooth. Put in my old pinto 4 cyl. springs to see where it sat. Sits a little low, the rack and pinion is not straight. The tie rod ends are pointing up an inch to an inch and a half. What springs do you recommend? I have a chevy 350 in it. I also have 2″ dropped spindles.

Dear Matt…
Matt, you could check with Larry Hooper at Classic Rods and More. He has built a number of Model ‘A’s with that crossmember. I think he’ll be able to give you good info.

Here’s his number: (434) 485-1050. 

Paul Horton