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Dear Welder Series… 1956 F100 transmission mount?

Dear Welder Series…
I’m building a 1956 F100. Supercharged 5.4 with 4r100 trans. I have purchased your engine mounts, but I’m looking for a tranny mount that will work with the 4r100


Dear Andy…
Andy, have a look at our 2115 transmission mount and crossmember (below):

and the 205041 Ford adapter plate (below):

which use the insulator/rubber mount (below):

205041 has recently been modified (new #205042) so it will work with transmissions that have rubber mount hole centers from 5-5/16″ to 5-9/16″. All of this has to be filtered by you knowing that I am not at all familiar with this transmission, except by looking online.

Thanks for looking to Welder Series on this problem.

Dear Welder Series… 1946 Ford transmission mount questions.

Dear Welder Series…
I hate to ask because I’m afraid I may have missed it in the blogs but Im going to anyway. I have a 1946 ford coupe. I’m installing a 4.6l dohc and 4L70 transmission in. I am getting the motor mounts and I am considering the the tubular center section. The factory frame has some plating but with large holes in it. Do I need to cut away that plating and make it solid? Also I’m not sure what if any transmission mount plate combinations I would need to mount up the 4L70. It’s a drivetrain from a 1998 Lincoln Mark Viii. Thanks for the help.

Dear Tom…
Tom, I’m not familiar with the Lincoln transmission, but we are modifying our 205041 adapter plate so it will bolt to the Ford C4, C6, and AOD transmissions. Here is the product:

If the 4L70 is available for you to get the mounting hole centers, please send them to me.

Regarding the boxing plates, we left the factory boxing in place and filled any holes necessary to mount the crossmember and engine mounts.

Because your car’s floor has a bit of a driveshaft tunnel, our tubular center section will not work as nicely as it does in vehicles with a flat floor. Check out the installation info below to see if this is how you want to go.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.