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Dear Welder Series… Mustang II in a 1970 F100?

Dear Welder Series…
Hey guys I have been doing a little resurch I have a 1970 f100 and I’m looking to do either a crown Vic or mustang 2 front end swap and a 4 link in the rear. Could you guys help me out a little is the mustang ii front crossmember just a weld up deal or little confused and live in Wyoming so not a whole lot of people to help me out haha

Dear Donavan…
Our MII kits are available in pieces so you can save money by welding it.

A video on our website shows this being done. The instructions show how to cut notches in the crossmember and upper towers so your frame will sit at the ride height you want.

I hope this helps. Please ask other questions that you might have.

Paul Horton