Shop Rags - 5 pack

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Completely random colors, shapes, and sizes. Cut from soft T shirt material, these are perfect for keeping in your hot rod for an uptown dipstick cleaner.

The forward-thinking folks tuck them in a back pocket for quick access if a kid drips ice cream on your running board.

Version 2 features 10 slogans:

A Non-Magnetic Multi-Thickness Dash Panel Anti-Rattle Tool!
The Most Challenging Origami Paper Ever!
A Fine Swirl Creator!
A Triple-Purpose Shop Rag!
The World’s Smallest Emergency Parachute!
An Incomplete Pocket Repair Kit!
A T Shirt Puzzle Piece!
A Car Finder Kit! Tie loose end to door handle, start walking.
A Picnic Blanket For When You’re Not Very Hungry!
A Popular Magic Trick Accessory!

You might get some duplicates - they're randomly selected and for $6.50, I can't spend a whole lot of time trying to find one of each.

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