Right Coast Ass’n Blog… East Coast Artie!

Just got an email and thought I’d pass it along for all you Internet readers…

Anyone who has met East Coast Artie knows he has a lot to say….Chevy’s, Ford’s and a Dodge or two, they’ll all be discussed when East Coast Artie hits the net with his new blog: East Coast Artie’s Right Coast blog!

Road trips from the East Coast to the West Coast and everything in between; from gatherings with legendary car builders to reports on automotive trade shows…it’s all happening at East Coast Artie’s Right Coast blog!

Information transfer faster than the stroke of a pinstriper’s brush, East Coast Artie’s blog will make the on-line magazine obsolete by blogging at blazing speeds on all your Right Coast news & happenings!

Sit down, grab a drink, surf to Artie’s blog, and join the fun…send in your news & comments – maybe even win some cool prizes!


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