Paul & Dorothy’s Next 6000 Miles

Paul in the ’23 circa 1976.

Paul and Dorothy Horton have put some miles on hot rods in the past, but nothing they have done will compare to the road trip they’re beginning on Saturday. From Southwestern Ontario, they’ve driven to Oklahoma, Louisville (more times than they can count… I mean that in a nice way), Moncton a few times, and many more long distance destinations in between. From the ’23 track roadster to the ’29, a ’32 roadster, a ’40 Ford, then the black ’40 and now the ’32, they’ve never built a street rod that they’ve thought “no, we shouldn’t drive this one that far.” The black ’40 has over 90 000 miles on it, and the ’32 is approaching 20 000 in a summer and a half.

Their plan is to clock up another 6000+ miles on the odometer this upcoming tour. Speaking of odometers, why isn’t it a milemeter or a kilometermeter? What’s the ratio of miles to odos? “Say, George, you put many odos on this summer?” Anyways…

The main objective is to drive the Vintage Air road tour from San Antonio to Pomona for the Father’s Day show. The minor objective is to visit a whack of builders, shops, customers, and sites along the way.

I’m hoping they will be sending updates periodically and I’ll post them to the blog. Till then, I have a few things left to do on the ’32 to get it ready for the next 6000 miles!

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