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When we ran a full service chassis fab/turn-key hot rod shop a number of years ago, it was always useful to have threaded things around to weld into the frame for some kind of mount, etc.

Here’s a list of all our threaded things for your reference:

Engine Mount, universal, black polyurethane, PR

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Product Details
Brand: Energy Suspension
MPN: 94102G

NOTE: washers supplied are laser cut 10 ga pickled & oiled mild steel, not the gold zinc plated washers in the picture.

From Energy Suspension:
Uses softer 70A Durometer bushings which is best for applications which require a higher degree of insulation. Universal transmission mounts, motor mounts, cab & body mounts, restorations, "daily driver vehicles", custom body & kit cars. Can also be used for: compressors, tool boxes, generators, independent engines, etc.

You should use the shim set if you're installing these on a 3/16" thick bracket. Price is per pair.

2-1/2" OD. See picture for complete dimensions.

This is a replacement for the Ford rubber biscuit-style mount.

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