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When we ran a full service chassis fab/turn-key hot rod shop a number of years ago, it was always useful to have threaded things around to weld into the frame for some kind of mount, etc.

Here’s a list of all our threaded things for your reference:

Early Hemi, 318/340/360/383/400/426/440 Engine Mount Kit

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Product Details
Brand: Welder Series
Model: Mopar Engine Mounts
MPN: 254318
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Thickness: 3/16"

This is a clean, trim-to-fit engine mount kit for your Dodge 318 or other LA engine (318, 340, 360). Also fits early Hemis. The frame mounts can be folded by hand along the laser cut slits and then welded to whatever angle you like, and trimmed to fit almost every frame width. Place the engine at the height you want it, too. Let us know if you’re using this kit on a 360, and we’ll include two spacers because the ears on the block are narrower than the others.

If you have a RB or B engine (383, 400, 426 wedge, or 440), we have a mount for you too. Select "Big Block" in the Options.

Designed for Energy Suspension polyurethane insulators, but will also fit the Ford donut-style mounts.

Some applications will only use three of the four mounting holes per side.

Laser cut pickled & oiled 3/16" mild steel. Frame bracket is 6" from the frame edge of the 'wings' to the bushing center.

Kit includes two formed engine brackets, two frame plates, two Energy Suspension insulators, and all necessary zinc plated hardware.

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