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If you’ve never heard me push Brian (the “Problem Child”) Stupski’s work around here, you must be new… here are a few blog entries concerning his work. Brian drew our logo, designed our T shirt, and helps me make fun of Tim Strange on occasion. He is an incredibly talented artist, website designer, etc. and at least as talented at writing. Brian has been sending out a newsletter for a little while now, and I highly recommend adding it to your short list of worthy emails.

It’s called “Between the Lines”, and Brian spends a lot of time explaining artistic processes, upcoming projects, sneak peaks, and other interestingly hilarious material. It’s easy to sign up – just click here and please remember to put “dw” or “welder series” or “that Canuck” in the “referred by” field.

and I quote Brian promoting his book store:

Only YOU Can Prevent Forests!
Consider this: In horror movies, the bad guys always attack campers where? In a forest. Most alien abductions happen where? A forest. Forest fires? Always occur in the forest. Same with bear attacks, Hansel and Gretle, and that Blair witch. That makes a forest a big, leafy package of evil incarnate.
And what grows in a forest? (OK, aside from gnomes, fungus, hippie communes, Wookies and odd flying spiders) TREES. By default, then, trees are evil.
Alas, there is hope. We can make good things from trees. Like books! Ever heard of a survival story set in a library or bookstore? Of course not.
Check out the Studio PCK Bookstore! With literally (ha-ha! Get it? “Books”… “Literally”?! I crack myself up.) hundreds of books on tap (Hell, even some on TAPE!), you can save anywhere from a couple of bucks to 35% and more on selected titles! Grab a few of the titles from Motorbooks that we’ve been fortunate to review on an advance schedule, or load up on magazine subscriptions… We also have Revell scale model cars at big savings (and model car parts come molded on a… come on kids…. a  parts TREE).
That said, let’s stomp out a few million acres, and buy a ton of books.
More Details HERE

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