Frame Curves in Mini Truckin’ Magazine

Lately, I’ve been talking with Red over at Mini Truckin’ magazine. If you’re not familiar with the mini truck scene, you should take a look at some of the fab work these guys are doing. Anyways, Red ordered some frame curves for a project he’s doing, and mentioned he was planning to do a bit of a write-up in the magazine. He just called and said that subscribers now have the issue with our parts in it, and that the November issue is the one to look for on the newsstand. Hope you are able to pick it up and see what one branch of the automotive tree is doing to their vehicles!

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  1. Tom Ewing says:

    I think the mini truck scene has a big future. I like what they’re doing. I’m a more traditional rodder–but all trucks–older fat fendered mostly. But when I got into drag racing back in 92 i used my 2.3L Ford Ranger work truck and bracket raced in sports street.
    And I became acquainted with all kinds of creative mini truck stuff. Its not exactly for me because I’ve got my hands full as it is, but I may use a “mini” turbo power plant etc in my current 49F1 build and I’m sure I’ll get much help from the mini truck community.
    Good luck Tom

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