Do some “blogsploring”

So you’re getting a little more used to this whole blog thing… you’ve seen the categories on the right side of the screen, you know that you can see older posts by clicking on “archives”, and you may even know how to subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the little orange button in your address bar. But did you know there’s a place you can go, I said yo man, when you’re short on your dough, you can stay there… nevermind. Across the top of the page, there are a few buttons that say Home, Contact Us, Dealers/Builders, etc. I wanted to point those out just in case you haven’t seen them… and if you have a testimonial you’d like to give for the “Testimonials” page, that would be terrific.

I should have a few more ’32 updates this week – we’re hoping to get it started by Friday.

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