Dear Welder Series… triangulated four link

Dear Welder Series…
I’m interested in your Triangulated 4 Bar kit but i want to use Heim Joints not Bushings can you help me?

Dear Rick…
Rick, the bars in our 4-link are threaded 3/4-16 on one end and have a tube welded on the other end for the urethane bushing. We can supply bars threaded both ends. In fact, the bars could be threaded 3/4-16 left & right hand for easy adjustment.

The triangulated rear 4-link will go into bind within a small amount of suspension travel. The urethane bushings absorb some of this binding. Heims create a fixed length bar with no cushioning available. I’m not sure how much travel would be available, using Heims, before parts get overstressed; This would depend on how the geometry was set up. Obviously, breakage of any suspension part would be a serious problem.

Thanks for asking about Welder Series’ parts

Paul Horton

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