Dear Welder Series… sway bar question

Dear Welder Series…
Working on a 31′ Buick and looking for a rear sway bar kit. Rear end is a 71 Corvette using complete Vette sub-frame clip. Frame rails are 44″ wide. Any chance of getting a sway bar kit with the bar and tube suitable for this frame width? This is a 122″ wheelbase car that will weigh at least 4000#. Will the 3/4″ dia. bar be suitable? What is the length of the arms?


Dear Bill…
Bill, we make sway bars 36″ and 45″ long. If you plan to run the bar through the rails, 45″ will be slightly too short. But even at 45″, there could be tire interference if the arm is outside the rail. Most builders run the arms inside the frame rails; i.e. 38″ or less in the case of your Buick. The bar might mount ahead of the differential with the arms pointing to the rear and linked to the bearing carrier or axle trailing arm.


The 3/4″ bar has been successful in a wide range of street rod applications. Since ride and handling are somewhat subjective, I can only say the obvious, that the bar will improve the handling compared to no bar and the cornering won’t be as flat as with a 1″ bar, but the ride will be better.

The arms are 8″ or 12″ center-to-center.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton

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