Dear Welder Series… sway bar mounting question

Dear Welder Series…
I’ve been looking at your sway bar kits for a rear application. Is there any provision for mounting through the frame rails but having the arms and links on the inside of the frame rails?

Dear Norman…
This could be done by drilling a 3/4″ diameter (actually 13/16″ would be better for clearance) hole in the arms for the bar to pass through. Use smooth couplers both ends (instead of one end splined) and pin the arms to the bar. The frame rails should be boxed if they are not already. A short length of the 1-3/8″ OD tubing would be welded into each frame rail and the urethane bushings would be inserted from the driveshaft side of the frame rails.

It might be more convenient (for installation and removal) to put a crossmember in the frame and mount the sway bar off of this tube. The sway bar could be mounted behind the crossmember at the same height.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts. We like to hear about imaginative ways of accomplishing things.

Paul Horton


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