Dear Welder Series…Sway Bar for 1959 Daimler SP250? Sure!

This was sent in for our monthly photo draw, but I had to share it.

Attached pics show before and after your sway bar materials were installed on my 1959 Daimler SP250
There were only 2650 SP250s made between 59 and 64.
My SP is #74.
This British Daimler is fibreglass with a Daimler 2.5l Hemi of their own design. It came with all wheel disc brakes.
About half of the production was sold in North America.
The pics show a sway bar I had previously installed (it came without a sway bar) and then pics of the Welder Series bar installed through an existing chassis tube member.
Note the big improvement in road clearance.

Instead of buying the whole sway bar kit and shelving the items he wouldn’t use (end links, outer tube, mounting tabs, etc.), he purchased only the bar, arms, and couplers.

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