Dear Welder Series… small vs. big bushings

Dear Welder Series…
I’m planning on buying one of your triangulated four-link kits (shown below) and had a question.

I’m wondering what would be the reason for choosing a large bushing kit over the standard bushing kit? Is one better than the other? I’m also wanting to take advantage of the free shipping. Thanks for any help, Brian

Dear Brian…
Brian, there are several differences when comparing the standard and large bushing kits:

The adjuster threads in the standard kit are 5/8-18. They are 3/4-16 in the large bushing kit.
The urethane bushing outer tubes, in the standard kit, are 1-3/8″ o.d. x 11 ga (about 1/8″) wall thickness. The large bushing kit outer tubes are 1-5/8″ o.d. x 3/16″ wall.
The urethane bushings in the standard kit are 1-3/8″ wide. They are 1-3/4″ wide in the large bushing kit.
The seamless tubing used to make the bars in the standard kit is 1″ o.d. x .219″ wall thickness. The large bushing kit tubing is 1″ o.d. x .188 wall. This is thinner but still plenty strong enough. The size is mainly to accommodate the tap hole size.
The standard kit costs $15.00 less than the large bushing kit.

All of our personal cars have used the standard bushing kits, but we haven’t built a personal car since introducing the large bushing kits. We sell more large bushing kits than standard kits and I’ll probably use the large bushing one on my next project just because they are stronger, look more “heavy-duty”, and don’t cost much more. We keep the standard bushing kits in our product line because they are a proven part and builders keep buying them.

Good question! Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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