Dear Welder Series… scrap motor mounts

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Dear Welder Series…
Just bought a Chevy Engine mount kit, very weak looking, no Harding  bolts. small rubber bushing, thin metal, a real disappointment. we will scrap it and start over.

Dear Steve…
I’m sorry you were disappointed with our products, Steve. These mounts have been used by ourselves and our customers for over 20 years with no reported problems. Our main plate, that attaches to the block, is 1/4” steel with a strengthening lip along the top edge. I have seen other similar mounts using 3/16” without the strengthening lip. The tubes between the main plate and the urethane bushing tube are 7/8″ diameter. Other companies are using 3/4” diameter. The urethane (not rubber) insulating bushings are standard street rod products that are more than up to their job. The bolts are Grade 5. Again, this is more than “hard” enough for the purpose. If you feel that Grade 8 bolts should be used, I agree that a Grade 8 bolt is “harder” than a Grade 5, but the load factor does not warrant that grade. And the plates that weld to the frame are also 3/16”, plenty strong enough for street rods. An easy way to add strength the the frame plates, if the conditions are extreme, is to add a plate to the top of the two motor mount frame supports.

Welder Series takes quality very seriously. We also take customer feedback seriously. Thank you for giving us your opinion, but I don’t feel your concerns are justified unless you are building something that is far out of the realm of mainstream hot rodding.

I phoned yesterday and left a message for you. If you want to talk with me, please call on our toll-free line, 1-888-648-2150.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
I will send you pictures when I complete building a set and you are welcome to use the design. Keep in mind we are dealing with 600hp.

Dear Steve…!i=1679198754&k=2XdCpsj

Not to beat on this thing too far, Steve, but this link is to the twin-turbo big block built by Lowdown Hot Rods using Welder Series 2149 mounts. This engine is in the 2,000 HP range. The frame plates have been boxed, but this would be easier than starting from scratch. Tom also builds Pro/Mod cars. In the 90’s, Tom worked in my shop and we designed the 2149 together.

Tucci Hot Rods used the 2149 on a twin-turbo Chevy big block in a Nomad.  This was a dyno’d 1,200 HP engine using the mounts as shipped. Dave Tucci has a lot of top fuel funny car experience, and built a Ridler Great 8 1935 Ford a few years ago. 

I hope this helps build your confidence in our products.

Paul Horton.

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