Dear Welder Series… No Door Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
Hello from so-cal! do you want to make a lot of people happy? please make a mustang 2 crossmember kit for our 61-67 ford econoline vans and trucks! these things wander all over the road when lowered, and are a handful to drive. one problem is steering column ends up in front of the axle, but with a direction changer from a Toyota vanwagon this could be fixed. please, please consider this project as no one else is making one. if you would like to look at my van, you can google “kurt bohne’s nodoor” or econowest van gatherings at the rosebowl thank you, kurt

Dear Kurt…
Hi, Kurt. I like making people happy. Your NoDoor is a good looking van. We no longer build cars or do installation work, so developing a kit specifically for the axle series Econoline vans would not be an in-house option. We do produce custom parts to drawings/sketches provided by builders. This would be something we could do to help you.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts and thinking about us for your project. Please let me know if we can work on this with you.
Paul Horton


  1. Brad says:

    I could offer up my 64′ econobox for measurements in Breslau, if making a mustang 2 for our vans is something W.S. decides they want to get into deeper. Just say they word and the breadbox will float on down the 401 from here in ShwaCity.

    Keep up the great business guys!

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