Dear Welder Series… Model A triangulated four link

Dear Welder Series…
I would like to know if you have plans in the future to supply triangulated four bar rear kits for model A’s and also would like to see a kit to adapt the Uni-steer type single cross steer rack to the Model A frame without using a vega bracket in addition to the bracket the rack comes with? Thanks for your time, Jon.

Dear Jon…
Thanks for gving me these two things to think about, Jon.

Dealing with the Unisteer  rack first, I have work to do studying the “blank” end of the rack’s position in a right turn relative to the lower 4-bar.  This won’t happen for a few months at least.

The Welder Series’ WS218500 triangulated kit ( could be used in a Model ‘A’ with these changes:
222016D Frame bracket plate
222016P Frame bracket plate
218502 Frame bracket
Replace with:
12501 (4 pcs) Frame bracket (  Mount the frame end of the lower bar under the frame rail and in line with the frame.  The urethane bushing would be between the plates.  This bracket will put the lower bar very close to the correct position.  I’d box the plates for extra strength.

Change the adjuster studs:
Use 2 (instead of 4) 100810 straight studs.
Add 2 100815 5 degree adjuster studs.  These will go on the lower bar at the axle end.

The reconfigured kit would cost $300.00.  I am giving it part number WS218528.

A Model ‘A’ frame is quite narrow and you might feel the upper bars don’t have enough triangulation.  Consider running the upper bars wide at the rear axle and to the middle of a crossmember for the front mounts.

I hope this helps.

Paul Horton

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