Dear Welder Series… Model A K-Member?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 1928 Ford Tudor I will be building this summer. I was wondering if you have a simple K-Member that would fit a boxed Model A frame? It could be set up to accept the popular GM auto and manual transmissions. Ok ok and Ford transmissions as well. Also you could supplement it with frame boxing plates for a Model A as well? I will be using the Ansen style swing pedals but you could incorporate provisions for brake master cyl as well as a clutch master or pedals that a customer could make his own clutch linkage with. I’m sure you’ve been asked before but I see no reference anywhere on your web site. Great products keep up the outstanding work.


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Dear George…
Thanks for including Welder Series in your Model ‘A’ plans, George. We don’t make boxing plates for the ‘A’ frame, but we can suggest a K-member that is inexpensive and effective: use our 2115 transmission mount & crossmember (shown below):

and make a ‘K’ using 3 x 1-1/2″ tubing angling from the center/rear of the trans crossmember back and out to the frame rails. We have adapters for Ford transmissions, too.

Keep us up to date on your project, please.

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