Dear Welder Series… LT1 engine mounts?

Dear Welder Series…
Interested in knowing which motor mounts will fit an lt1 block. Installing into a 63′ ford unibody and not sure if an lt1 is like a standard 350 Chevrolet block. Like the tubular series if they will work. Which one has a better “cushion” so I don’t get so much vibration through the frame?

Dear John…
Hi, John. Our 215900 mounts, work with your LT1/Ford p-u swap.

The C005 mounts with stock-style insulators give the most “anti-vibration”. C005 with urethane insulators are next. Then the 215900. But I like to use the mounts that suit the build style because the difference hasn’t been that great in my driving experience.
Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.
Paul Horton

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