Dear Welder Series… Jeep Parts?

Dear Welder Series…
I am building an old school Jeep CJ5. I can’t find any aftermarket frames or frame parts anywhere. What are the chances you are going to start making some? How about a 1955 CJ5 frame kit? The CJ5 frame is the same from 1955 to 1971. Thank you for your time. I have found so much street rod stuff that is going to be Jeep stuff. You guys rock! Maybe look into the off-road market… I am going to use your motor mounts, body mounts, brackets, tabs, unholes… I have found so many uses for your parts.

Dear Kerry…
Thanks, Kerry. I’m happy you found Welder Series parts that you can use on your Jeep. Our parts are quite adaptable!

We don’t have any plans to build Jeep frames or parts that would be specifically for Jeeps. Sorry.

Thanks for looking at


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